Adventure Day – Close to Home

The new camera has been ordered (online deals are too much better than the in store prices, so we await Amazon’s speedy service), so unfortunately there are no new pictures to post.

Yes, my cell phone has photo capacity. No, I have no idea how to download them. I’m probably the most luddite blogger in the blogosphere!

If the camera had been along, you would have been treated to a video of Maya singing “Skip to My Lou” and skipping down a narrow dirt path between a field of purple and yellow prairie flowers on her left and cattails and water reeds on her right, all towring above her. Her wild printed athletic shorts nicely offsetting a pink, blue, and green striped t-shert. Her head crown with a comb-defying halo of golden fuzz. As she skipped, she twirled a cattail in one hand and a bunch of clover flowers in the other, waving it all about in quick jerky motions matching the rhythm of her mostly-made-up song.

I might have taken a picture or two of Elliot Rose alone in the double stroller, chubby little hands gripping the side of her seat, her chin resting on her hands, and her eyes mesmerized by the noontime shadows she cast. Later, another picture would have featured her, still in the stroller, this time with both hands and feet flailing wildly, mouth open and smiling as she wordlessly sang along with Maya.

It took us about an hour and half to explore a little path near our house. Though its behind the playground that we visit at least once a day, I completely forgot about it until recently. What an excellent adventure day. It required no gas, and it offered a wildlife setting very similar to the pasture behind my house when I was a kid (if you add in the traffic sounds that overlaid the many bug and bird noises… take away the cattle).

We’ll be back to this one… maybe daily!

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