New Laptop!

My poor, hand-me-down MacBook died last week, leaving me chained to the PC hiding in our guestroom closet.

That was an uninspiring place to write.

Now, I have Ruby, my fancy new Gateway! She’s sleek, sexy, and totally inspiring! Her first video download was the Palin/Hilary clip from Saturday Night Life, which was sooo hilaroius.

Unfortunately her first story attempt, late last night, fizzled when I realized I was regurgitating something I had seen in a movie. I didn’t even notice until I started pounding out the ending…. It was sounding strangely familiar. Good think I didn’t invest much in that effort!

Unfortunate first, but I’m sure it will get better!

2 thoughts on “New Laptop!

  1. yeah for a new laptop!!!I received one earlier this year, after chained to the PC my husband usually uses. what a lovely turn around!!happy writing… looking forward to hearing how Ruby goes…

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