Glass Half Full?

As it turns out, my generally positive outlook on the world makes for a pretty dull plot. I’m having a hard time forcing myself to introduce dark events to my story (beyond the original problem of a major bird flu pandemic!) or attribute dark motives to my characters.

I have a reasonable outline for the overall conflict in my Nano story, and I’m trying to add complexity and contrast to my growing cast of characters. Hopefully more conflict will naturally emerge as I start to put all of these components together.

If not, I just sat down a made a huge list of all the terrible things I could introduce if I start getting board by November 6th or something. I’m not too crazy about most of them, but a few are intriguing. It’s like a writer’s block “free pass” to help me reach the November word goal…. we’ll see if it works!

4 thoughts on “Glass Half Full?

  1. It sounds like it should work quite well! It’s a good idea to have that list there so you can draw from it I think – otherwise I am sure you can find some inspiration on the forums.

  2. I have the same trouble. my characters sometimes don’t have enough flaws.I tend to use events as villains, and people have to find ways around what has fallen into their paths. hmm… this is good food for thought! ta love…

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