Itchy Fingers

I’m so, so ready to begin.

Free writes are all starting to tie into my novel idea one way or another now.

Just a few days to go, so I guess I’ll just cool my heals.

Absolutely no one in my life can imagine why I would want to do this…. why cram a novel into a month…. why do it now, with a baby and a preschooler and barely enough time each day for personal hygiene (did I put on deodorant today…. hmmm, think so).

The only answer I have for them is, if I don’t make myself do it now, I’ll just keep putting it off for the magic day when I have enough time… then I’ll be 80 and completely unfamiliar with whatever crazy technology people use to write…. or people will have evolved away from the written word…. preferring some form of flashing lights and car chases….

So Saturday I take the plunge, with 125,000 other crazies aspiring to the Great American Novel or more likely, a great month of creative indulgence.

I’m most looking forward to ordering a midnight pizza for the first time in years…. I intend to pull at least one all nighter just to prove I still have it!

2 thoughts on “Itchy Fingers

  1. when I sent my manuscript off, and received back the first revisions, one thing my editor noted was that I needed to tab all my indents.I’d been using my space bar, all these years years… muy embarrassing! muy muy… so yeah, do it now. who KNOWS what they’ll be using in 50 years!

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