5,400 Words!

I’m not entirely sure I’m done for the day, but I’m taking a break.

I reached 5,400 , though I’m not that far into my outline… at this pace who knows how long this book will be.

It’s really pretty awful at this point, I think. I have no sense of whether I’m actually capturing the mood, the setting, and the personalities that I have in my head.

I have introduced all three of the main viewpoint characters, I have initiated the bird flu scare (everyone loves a good crisis!), and I’ve gotten one of the three groups to the farm.

If I can get another 5,000 words down tomorrow AND move all of my characters to the rural farm where the rest of the story takes place, I think I’m on track for serious word count success.

So far, it’s like taking a little vacation in my head. How fun!

8 thoughts on “5,400 Words!

  1. Wow…I managed to make 5,000 today, but it’s a major record for me. I’ve never written much more than 3k in a day before. It was fun though. Personally I only just now introduced my three main viewpoints. Next I move on and poke them until they go off on their adventures.Good luck!

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