Plugging Away

I’m at 18,430… squeaking in a bit more than 2,000 words today and finishing a scene that ended up being more important than I thought. One of the MC’s has symptoms of the flu, but the virus is mutating quickly and he says nothing, hoping his strain is not the bad one… he wouldn’t want to worry anyone, you know.

Meanwhile, three other characters, who emerged from a camping trip to discover that they’re in the middle of a pandemic and a power outage, take advantage of a spring shower to clean off from their camping grime…. I think that scene turned out pretty funny… we’ll see.

I much preferred my weekend writing, where I had blocks of the 3 or 4 hours to write, helping me stay focused. Now I’m writing for an hour here, 30 minutes there. By the time I feel like I’m back into it, I’m needed elsewhere, or tired, or want to watch the Daily Show…. Grr.

So, the weekend is coming, and my novel will be better for it.

Though I’m glad I have kept moving, even with the little chunks of time. I’m getting into a rhythm, where I end each writing session outlining (very sketchy) the next scene, or at least my preliminary thoughts on it. That way, when I come back a few hours later, I can pick it back up more easily.

2 thoughts on “Plugging Away

  1. sounds like a great method for picking up where you left off and getting right back into the story. I do find with kids and all you do have to come up with strategies for making the most of 10, 20, 30 minutes wherever you can find them.

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