Because without goals, I flounder, I’m setting goals.

All I’ve really done since the big November rush is dawdle around with daily free writes and brainstorming exercises and peruse the Amazon website for good writing books. I’m expecting more of myself in the coming months.

So, just a bit into my reread of the book formerly known as Prairie Apocalypse and currently without title, here’s the plan for pushing it to a second draft:

1) Read it through, taking notes one what is in each scene and highlighting what is already working pretty well (by Jan 7, when I get my first real mini-holiday since Elle was born a year ago!)

2) Write a new synopsis to wrap my head around what the story is supposed to be (by Jan 15)

3) Revise the outline based on my notes and the new heart of the best (by Jan 20)

4) Touch up (or create new in at least one case) character sketches for the 4 biggies (by Feb 1)

5) Begin chapter by chapter re-write, taking my time (finish by April 1).

Hopefully this way, I’ll have a second draft that I can really and truly revise (as opposed to totally rewrite) before the big 30th birthday (I’m an April Fool’s Baby, lol).

Feels good to have a plan!

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