There & Back Again

Essentially, I’ve taken three weeks off from blogging, though not from writing. Both my family blog, Growing, and this one were totally neglected.

For once, I actually had a vacation from my vacation, as so many people long for during the holidays. All of that deeply layered, often quietly judgmental, occasionally openly hostile holiday visiting was exhausting. Thankfully, my most beloved friend turned 30 just a week after New Year’s. We celebrated with a four day excursion in Grand Marais, MN.

Four days may not sound like much, but until then, I hadn’t been away from 15-month-old Elliot for more than a couple of hours, and as a result, 3 and a half year old Maya has also been Velcro-ed to me for some time. We all managed the separation beautifully, and I joyfully discovered that beneath the finger paint and the ketchup stains, I still am an adult, capable of long, indulgent conversations and lots of fun that doesn’t include Dora or the Disney Princesses.

Yea for me!

Even with the three week blogging hiatus, I managed to write daily, though rarely on a computer. Once I scrawled on a page from my daughter’s coloring book, when I couldn’t find my journal in the car. I left the Nano book alone and wrote whatever came to mind.

I now feel crammed full of stories. Stories family members told one another at holiday celebrations. Fantasies (some not so nice) I had about family members over the holidays (hee hee). Stories that sort of coagulated from random thought slush during long drives.

I’m had a couple of plot breakthroughs for Prairie Apocalypse, so I’m absolutely motivated to get started on the rewrite. I simply have to draft a new outline so I can keep it all in my head.

Also, I just finished re-watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, calling to mind the books that I’ve read several times. As I strive to learn the art of story telling, that is the perfect learning tool!

Now, rejuvenated from a mini-holiday, refueled by lots of random writing, I’m definitely in the mood to tell a story.

Off I go.

6 thoughts on “There & Back Again

  1. glad you had time to rejuvenate and refresh… most necessary!!can’t wait to hear how all this goes. :)))will warn daughter about MN in the winter. fortunately the internships are summertime. what’s it like there in June? :)))

  2. June is lovely… really, really lovely. It’s what tricks us all into moving here, and then freaking out in Jan when it’s -15 below on the car’s gage!

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