For the Love of Learning

This is fantastic! Yet another lovely jolt from Paperback Writer, it seems that MIT offers much of its coursework online…. FREE!

One of my writing goals for the next six months (in addition to bringing my nano novel up to its second draft… and naming it… sheesh) is to “audit” The Creative Spark. Designed to help answer the questions “What makes creativity flourish?” “What ignites it?” and “What does the creative process look like?”, it sounds like a really effective way to tame the lurking inner voice that keeps whispering that my creativity is mediocre.

My writing, in fact, my life, looks nothing like the archetypal writer’s life. If I’m awake at odd hours in the night, I am rocking a feverish child or singing lullabies rather than feverishly scrawling lyrical prose. The ideas that plague me until they are written down are more often items for a grocery list than the emerging attitudes of a new character.

Still, I consider myself a writer. I always have, since the first comical poems I drafted in crayon 25 years ago. Writing has been a seasonal part of my life, with long months of fruitful journaling, essaying, and story writing interspersed with winters of little more than work-related crap.

Now, finally, I have embraced writing fully. Instead of awkwardly sidling up to it, hoping to catch a writing habit by surprise, I’ve approached it directly, carving out time each day, setting goals… blogging 🙂

The first “assignment” listed, is to read some writings by Joan Didion, John Updike, and Louis Menand on the theme of “Why Write.” Off I go then…

I’ve been missing grad school homework… nice that I’m able to dig some up!

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