Lost, But Recovered

So I was lost in that funny place all week.

I couldn’t look at my manuscript. I didn’t want to revisit that chapter that I had painstakingly rewritten, and I didn’t want to start the next one.

Let’s face it, I had writer’s block. Thankfully, a little time to myself this weekend helped me center myself over the story once again. I should have better luck forging ahead in what little time I have this coming week, now that my brain is back into it.

Also, I’m going to keep a notebook on me at all times, so wisps of ideas about how the next bit should go, don’t vanish amid the mind-numbing task of cooking up some chicken noodle soup for the sick (hacking cough) little people. Sometimes digging out a notebook amid the piles on my counter tops is too much trouble, so I’ll make sure I have pockets this week.

Two extra things, for posterity. My favorite website this week is the Phrontistery, a home for lost and obsolete words. A writer’s dream, and great for prompts when you want one.

My favorite word this weekend was Growlery. It’s on the Phrontistery favorite word list. Essentially, it means “a retreat for times of ill humour.” Sort of like a “Happy Place” (think Happy Gilmore) but more for being crabby.

I need a Growlery… not often, but occasionally it would be really nice. A safe place for crabby.

4 thoughts on “Lost, But Recovered

  1. time away is definitely necessary. fresh eyes, or at least a mind with a few days rest is essential…keep that notebook handy! I find my kids have crowded my head and facts slip from my ears constantly!hope that hacking cough is on the wane…

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