Multiple Viewpoints, Which First?

I still have no idea what the best option should be. To write each of the three point of views through to the end or to write the story chronologically, switching viewpoints every chapter or so, as I intend it to be read.

This is the sort of thing that could easily derail my momentum, as the researcher in me is just itching to scuttle out through the internets in search of the best expert advice.

In fact, for a few minutes, my inner researcher took over, clawing her way through the first stack of google responses and wondering what search terms would work better. Ha! Now I, reasonably driven and slightly inspired, have regained control, and terminated the research.

For now, I’ll follow my instinct, and the characters that I’ve been working on.

In the first draft, these characters, Leo, a man committed to helping his neighbors through the pandemic, Ellie the aging farm resort manager, and her orphaned granddaughter Via, were the least developed, coming in as they did toward the end of Nano when fingers were flying.

Sticking with them should strengthen their voices within their newly elaborated storyline.

I’ll take notes for the gaps in the story to help with consistency when I pick up the other viewpoints. We’ll see how long I stick with this approach, but at least now I’ve made a decision and can get on with the writing.

Word goal will resume tomorrow, and then take a three day dive while I (happily, but unproductively) visit the in-laws. Notebook will be in hand as I try to work out the key scene snags for the coming week.

4 thoughts on “Multiple Viewpoints, Which First?

  1. so hard to know which is the best way, so I think you’re plan to just WRITE it is best. then you’ll be able to read it and go from there…I’m driving all day tomorrow, so I know that nose-dive feeling… well, we’ll be refreshed for when we jump back into it! have a good weekend… :)))

  2. I’m agreeing that writing is the best way – sometimes you just can’t know until you get the story down. I had… well, I can’t even count the number of POV’s I had in the last novel I wrote, and while they were fun and helpful, I got halfway through the novel before deciding that it took too much away from the MC and that I had to put more effort into bringing it back to her – which I did and though I haven’t read through it yet, I think it was the best choice I could make. Others still have POV’s, but the number who do so is much smaller than before!Good luck 🙂 Don’t let it derail you!

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