Full Factory Recovry

That’s what my poor computer needs…. so my unbacked up stuff is lost… totally and completely.

I’ll take a bit to outline the lost portions… but continue writing new stuff for now. I can’t bring myself to rewrite the opening that I so loved until I feel like I can bring fresh inspiration to it.

So, back to the knocking door.

2 thoughts on “Full Factory Recovry

  1. oh, I am SO SO SORRY!!!yeah, I don’t blame you for just moving on. so hard to go back and try to recreate…thinking of you…

  2. SAD!!! 😦 It’s okay though. Remember that one time in college when your computer crashed and you lost your entire paper the night before it was due? So. You know. Slam a beer. Have a cigarette. Then just sit down and crank it out. And *maybe* just like your college paper, this part of your book will be the best one in the class. 😀

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