Not to Worry

In my last post, I fretted about the parade of out of town company that could very easily derail my writing progress. Now that Well Beyond Waiting has regained a starring role in my writing time, it has a momentum of its own. I hope to see it through.

My worries completely overlooked the fact that constant toddler activity easily wears out unpracticed visitors. Somehow, the two main attractions that pull me away from writing, my busy kids and frequent overnight guests, effectively neutralize each other.

By noon, they all fall into a pile for nap time, giving me a little space to write.

Unfortunately, I’m struggling with the dialogue. For now I’m just putting down the core of what the character’s are trying to say, but it doesn’t sound “right” yet when I reread the material aloud. I’m a researcher… a studier… so I’m tempted to chase down the highest reviewed “how to write dialogue” book out there. Spend a few weeks studying up.

But no. Then the momentum would be lost and I’d be out of touch again, just as it has finally taken off. I’ll save the research for the next lull in writers energy.

4 thoughts on “Not to Worry

  1. get what’s coming OUT and leave the finer points for later. dialogue is sometimes difficult, reading aloud one of the best ways to sharpen it…

    glad you’ve had time to write!!! :)))

  2. dialogue is certainly essential as it moves the plot along, develops character, helps to “show” rather than tell. but sometimes i think that less is better — not less talking, but rather minimalist talking sometimes does the trick. *shrug* who’s to say? i definitely agree w/ anna tho — reading aloud def helps 😛

    great post…i’m finding myself commiserating…

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