1,000 Words on Upturned Stones

Yea for progress!

It was painful, I’ll admit. I finally had the time to write, and nothing came. Even when I forced it, the result was gibberish.

Of course, I then did what every self-respecting amateur writer would do… or wait… I found my hubby and ranted a while. We have no time. When I have time, I’m too tired to write. Blah, blah, blegh….

Then, I went back in the yard, found myself a comfy chair in the sun, and I sat. While I sat there, my newly planted garden grew a bit. Puffs of cotton seeds from my neighbors oh-so-annoying cottonwood tree flew through the air at surprising heights. The effect of that white cotton zooming this way and that against a strikingly blue sky was strangely similar to the effect of snow in front of a car’s headlights on a dark winter night. The wind blew cool, almost chilly air through our too tall grass while the warm spring sun threatened to burn my too pale, Minnesotan skin, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sitting. With no paper or pen, no computer, no kids, no book…

no multitasking.

After a mere 15 minutes, I was inside once again, typing away on Ruby.

Upturned Stones is now officially In Progress. It’s opening was really quite surprising… exciting too.

With luck, and maybe a little sitting, I’ll have no problem getting back into it tomorrow.

Again I say, yea for progress!

2 thoughts on “1,000 Words on Upturned Stones

  1. oh excellent!! both for the ranting (we all need to vent occasionally!) and for the sitting in the sun…

    then even better, the words are flowing!!!

    hoot hoot HOOT!!!

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