Not Really a Flow

The words aren’t flowing like the Vinyasa Flow yoga I’ve been thoroughly enjoying once a week. The story, Upturned Stones, is moving ahead, though.

It isn’t planned out at all, which is unlike me, but it is still marching forward as if the plot has somewhere to go. I’ll follow along, take good notes on the questions to be answered later, and see where I come out. The characters, at least the two main ones, feel really knowable, really solid already. I’m hoping this is because I’ve been pondering them, percolating them for a good month or two now and NOT because they are based too heavily on real life people. We’ll see, I guess.

I’ve allowed a little of my free time this week to divert to yoga instead of writing. The Vinyasa Flow feels so comfortable, yet challenging, that when I’m finished, I’m just full of words. Energized, and full of words.

I only added another 1,000 words to Upturned Stones in the last two days, but it is still progress. And the story has me entranced… I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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