Oh, and I Really Should Update My Writing Blog

That’s exactly how Upturned Stones is going at the moment. I wrote Chapter 1 with enthusiasm. Then I went out of town for four days. Now…

I really should weed the garden… and make some zucchini bread for my neighbor that just had her fourth baby, poor thing… and hang the laundry on the line… and maybe I should catch up on that aging stack of Harpers that I haven’t read all summer… And I really need a word count widget on my blog.

So, one tidy garden, 2 loaves of zucchini bread, tons of clean clothes, several enriching articles, and one word count widget later, I’m all set.

And right back where I started. Is it writer’s block when you know how the scene should play out (more or less) but can’t find the words to describe it? I think it is.

Part of the problem is that this second chapter sets up a lot of the rest of the book. The MC’s internal struggle that drives the rest of the book is introduced here, along with several other key characters (to a lesser degree). It feels burdensome.

At this point, I need to mentally trap my “inner editor,” to quote the Nano jargon, and lock her back in the depths of my uncertain writer’s brain, maybe in the same storage unit as my old college papers so she has something to amuse herself with until it is time to edit.

Right then, trap the editor, and get on with the words. Off I go… but some ice cream sure sounds tastey.

2 thoughts on “Oh, and I Really Should Update My Writing Blog

  1. ooohhh… ice cream!

    zucchini bread is good to…

    maybe I should have a blow of cereal!

    hard when those chapters that serve so many purposes need to be written. lock up that inner editor, and go to town!!

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