Happy Birthday Elliot!

It’s official. Our Elliot Rose is a two year old wonder!

Elliot age 2!

Elliot age 1! (actually, 1 +4 months… but who’s counting?)

Elliot age 2 weeks!

Her favorite activities include making “cinaminomon” in the sandbox, tending her baby dolls, and scribbling with pen on any surface she can find.

Her favorite food is hard to pin down. She takes dessert very seriously, and loves breakfast best of all… especially oatmeal or french toast. She dislikes anything Maya declares she won’t eat.

We spent the morning at the Minnesota Zoo, watching a grizzly bear fish while another ripped up piles of grass to pad his bed. We played in the zoo’s new playground for a long time too, entertained by the tree house, suspension bridges, a replica of the Split Rock lighthouse, and lots of bear caves to explore. The zoo trip was topped off with a lunch out, including a little birthday dessert! It was clearly the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!

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