Resolution Monday

I have this terrible habit of turning every Monday into a sort of ritualized New Year’s Day.

For year’s I’ve spent Sunday nights realigning my “must do” list. It typically includes things like “write more,” “eat healthier,” “exercise more,” “spend more time playing with my girls.” Instead of waiting around for next December 30th, I take up these mantra’s each week.

It may sound innocuous. At one point, I convinced myself it was a healthy way to re-track my goals and priorities for the week, a way to keep moving forward.

It is time I faced reality, though. Resolution Monday is not helpful. No, it’s a crutch. Typically, it gives me an excuse when my motivation shrivels on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to put off whatever I’ve been slacking on until the next magic Monday push to recommit. Occasionally if something comes up on Wednesday or even Tuesday, I scrap the week as a lost cause.

Then I let myself overly indulge until the next Monday, downing chips and salsa instead of taking a long walk and watching mediocre TV instead of progressing my latest work in progress.

This is a cycle I have to break, if I’m actually going to meet any of my goals. Specifically my goal to finish Upturned Stones, NANOWRIMO, and an outline for one other book by the end of the year. I really can’t afford to reserve Monday’s for rededicated focus while allowing any stumble along the way to initiate slacker-fest until the next Monday rolls around.

This is especially true now that I have a preschooler carrying germs and colds home, giving me all-too-frequent excuses for giving up writing time in favor of a nap or a tea party.

So here I am, with a new location for this writing blog and a reinvigorated resolve to peck away on this keyboard daily, regardless of excuses.

Shoot, it’s Sunday isn’t it. Technically then, this sounds like a Monday Resolution, but let’s hope it endures past Wednesday’s busy day or Thursday’s flat tire or whatever else threatens to hijack my reserved writing time.

Here’s to hoping… no, here’s to committing!

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