Phew! Still Climbing That Mountain

It’s been another long hiatus due to bad luck. Not the sort that would put in me in line for a make-a-wish or a 10K in my honor or anything. Nothing nearly so disastrous. Just the whiny bits and pieces the suffocate all attempts  to write.  A round of strep throats,  a sick backyard chicken to deal with, a bed bug scare that seems to have been a false alarm but still leaves my skin crawling.


On the up side, it’s National Novel Writing Month, I have an outline I love and a cast of characters who still sing to me, and the best sort of distraction a person can have. Also, I’m taking a class at the Loft Literary Center that is filling me to the brim with motivation and hope that this writing life, published or not, is a wonderful and worthwhile goal.

A few thousand words in, and I’m happy to say that Nano is exactly the right treatment for the bed-bug-paranoia, my-life-is-a-country-song blues.

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