Dawn – new year, new outlook

Well, the sun is rising back here at Inklings.  I’ve been officially off the rack (see last post) for at least a month, finding myself more centered, less constantly worried, but so busy with building a holiday tradition for my daughters that I scarcely wrote at all.
Until recently. The past week has been short on word count but long, very long, on imaginings, plotting, and rereading the scant (but still much-loved)  progress during my stressful and failed attempt at NANOWRIMO. What I have is not bad. Not bad at all. It needs a title. It needs a little more time to clarify itself in my head. But with dawn falling on this new year and my new desire to frolic in the word world not according to some regimented mandate but according to my ever-humming muse, I am hopeful that words will erupt very soon.

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