Unearthing my Inner Critic

You may or may not have noticed, you mythyical readers (plus one ;0), that I am remarkably pollyanna-ish for a terribly angsty person.

What I mean is, while I can be terrible down on my own performance from time to time, I tend to unabashedly love the world and work I see around me.

I’m a terrible critic. And that is a terrible trait for a writer. How does one begin to edit something if one has not experience with constructive criticism?

Well I haven’t had much luck editing my work thus far, and I’m beginning to blame it on my instinct to avoid all things critical.

To remedy this, I signed on with Review Fuse, an online writers group that offers three reviews of your own submission for every four reviews you provide to others. I will post back to let you know how the service works for me. So far I have offered one critique on a piece I quite liked (shocker)…. but I did dig deep and find several suggestions that should be helpful.

In addition to the reviews, the site offers writing “lessons” or simple assignments that you can submit for review. It looks like a good place to grow as a writer without leaving home!

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