Kick in the Pants

And much-needed too!

Review Fuse has proven to be the perfect tool for me at the moment. Of course, I’m awfully new to the whole process, but still, I am enthusiastic.

I provided six reviews this week. It was remarkably enjoyable working with words that weren’t mine. The wholes were glaring, from my displaced vantage point, and suggestions came easily. Even the pieces that were not in my genre (either for reading or writing!) taught me something about creativity and the inner workings of the human mind (the writer’s if nothing else).

I then offered my own humble contribution. Great Googily Moogily! They did not laught me off the stage. They did not pat me on the head and say, “good stuff’ either.

They made helpful suggestions, honest criticisms, reassuring observations, and lots of encouragement.

My long-hibernating work in progress is progressing once again. This should be a fun week in the writing world! Assuming my two year old doesn’t succeed in ditching her nap…

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