The Babymoon

So way back in April I whined about the bummer of a spring vacation we took, our attempt at the much advertised baby moon that was plagued by mono.

How is it that I forgot about the true baby moon… the honeymoon with our new baby. The last two weeks have been an intense combination of soothing the worries of a 4 and 6 year old, playing silly water games in the back yard, and snuggling (and feeding and diapering and staring at) this new little love in our lives.

We’ve kept company to a minimum, which makes it easier to focus on becoming a family of five. The girls have been big helpers. Joe has been our primary caretaker. And Pip has been a little prince. This honeymoon is the  perfect way to start off a new life, and a new phase in all our lives.

Almost two weeks old… what a sweetheart!

With Joe off at work, the girls and I had a “cave girl day” complete with costumes, mammoth hunts (tag), foraging for lunch (which I hid), and cave paintings on the fence.

He’s awake a bit more every day!

Our first 10 days all home together were dominated by water games.

We also had a “ninja day” while Joe was at work, making ninja head bands, doing ninja exercises, racing through obstacle course, sneaking up on the local wildlife (look out bunnies), and feasting on Japanese food for lunch.

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