The Lake

We squeaked in just one visit to the family cabin this year, and in spite of the herculean readjustment effort this week, we still hope to get back there soon. If not this year, then for frequent trips next summer.

It’s strange to so thoroughly enjoy this mellow baby of ours and these two strong, silly girls while feeling so torn apart at the same time. The highlights of the last two weeks are too long to list: so much family, swimming and tubing at the lake, big baby grins, spying a doe and fawn at the local park, and enjoying walks as a family… And these things outweigh that other list, though I wouldn’t have thought it possible pre-kids (though that other list needn’t be detailed here, it includes food poisoning, midnight calls to the cops to report non-baby-related noise violations, weed and bug invasions that plague even my zen gardening sensibilities, and a flood of paperwork for school and preschool.)

Thankfully, I’ve learned to only let that plaguing feeling that I should be doing more, faster, and better surface a few times a day…. then I stuff it away in the “deal with later” corner of my mind and go back to marveling at Little Miss’s pattern-heavy fashion sense, Big Sis’s demands for a farm, and Pip’s phenomenal leg strength.  What a life!

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