A Whiplash Weekend

So Saturday was harrowing…. truly. I won’t even chronicle my complaints, as they will seem absolutely familiar to anyone with a family. All the big, predictable woes were present, along with some rather unique ones. It was one of those no good days that I can happily say we muddled through on our own with just a hint of grace and a whole lot of determination.

And somehow the following day dawned, and it truly was a new day. A lovely day full of coffee and the newspaper, time to connect with both girls, school shopping, naps, and even a clean house (thanks to help from my girls, what a treat!)

To accomplish all of this, Joe managed to double book a date day. He took Little Miss to Winnie the Pooh and out for lunch. Then he took Big Sis to the Lynx game where she waved her Maya Moore poster and snarfed cotton candy.

Today, we’re back in something of a rhythm, with Saturday nothing but a distant memory….. set to a well-known Helen Reddy tune and tinted with quite a bit of pride that we came so far the other way on Sunday.

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