Hushed Murmurs

 The only murmurs to be heard around here are sweet nothings whispered to a healthy, if sleepy baby.

His murmur is no longer detectable… all signs suggest he’s quickly closing the small hole in his heart. It’s Max – Self-healing-super-baby! (also, Max – 98th-percentile-jumbo-baby!… and at least for today, Max – Why-did-you-poke-me-my-legs-hurt-I-need-a-nap-newly-vaccinated-baby)

2 thoughts on “Hushed Murmurs

  1. Blessings abound! You all must be thrilled and relieved. I'm not doubting that 98th percentile; Max is quite a strapping fellow, and so healthy. Congrats on all counts and I hope his shot wasn't too awful.

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