I read The Creative Family last year, and it really spoke to me… During these last two weeks, it feels as though we’re living the ideas in this book. We’ve been busily making. Little Miss wanted lamps for her dollhouse, and without any prompting from me, she patched one together with a popsicle, some paper, and some Styrofoam. Then she created an assembly line to make several lamps. Then both girls moved on to create tiny works of art for the walls of the dollhouse.

Big Sis desperately wanted to sew her own pillow the next day, and with the help of our outstanding babysitter, she presented me with a lovely little felt pillow later that same day. Next up, the skirt she’s been wanting to sew all summer.

The kitchen has been industrious as ever, smelling of homemade bread and apple sauce and slow-roasted tomato sauce. Yesterday’s creation was grape jelly from the box full of grapes Maya pulled in from the back yard.

 We even made super-bubbles (2 cups dish soap, 3/4 cup corn syrup, and 6 cups water), providing endless hours of sticky and impressively un-poppable fun. And after big sis brought home her impressive creations from clay camp, including a toad house, the girls have been spending hours in the side yard constructing a toad village.

Meanwhile Max looks on with grins and baby bubbles, cooing at our efforts, and laughing at whichever of us is sitting next to him making faces and silly sounds to impress him.

I’ve lead the way on only a fraction of this industriousness. The girls have been the leaders, seeing the possibilities, and asking to create something new. And I’m happy to follow their lead.

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