Talking to Girls – A Good Reminder.

Little Miss trotted off (her chin tucked nervously to her chest and her big eyes wide) to preschool today, alone for the first time. Happily, by the time I left her, she was bravely playing with her new little friends and waving me off to promenade around Silverwood with Mr. Max and my NaNoWriMo notebook.

She sported her typical high fashion: a brightly striped tank top and a pair of shorts she loves, bright green socks and purple shoes. She loves nothing better than wild color combinations. Adorable. While she stood there waving among her little friends I noticed a stark difference between the boys and the girls (a difference beyond color choice that has surely always been there, but is more noticeable now that I have Max).

The girls around her all wore dresses and skirts, their hair was braided or curled, their shoes often sparked…. one pair even had a low heel! In contrast, nearly all the boys wore sweatpants or comfy shorts and t-shirts. Most were mix and match outfits that were clearly self-selected (just like Elle :). Even at the tender age of three, the emphasis on looks for girls couldn’t be more obvious.

It all reminded me of a couple of articles a friend passed my way not long ago:

Read them, or if you truly don’t have time remember these two important lessons:

  • Resist the standard greeting for little girls (even though it’s true, they are adorable)… don’t open with “Don’t you look cute!”
  • So what do you say? (other than the rote, “how’s school going” which is always met with “fine”)
    • What are you reading?
    • Have you been playing any fun sports or games?
    • Have you made any art lately?
    • Anythings beyond hair/body/clothing observations.

This is my new resolution…..   far more important than my pledge to write frequently, workout three times a week, and give up ice cream at least two nights a week (yes, it’s an addiction)….. And it’s proving to be difficult to keep. I ran into my friend that forwarded these great articles…. along with her daughter, who was wearing her navy blue uniform after her third day of kindergarten….. what do you suppose I said in spite of my best efforts? 

“Wow, you look so cute!”

It’s deeply ingrained…. but I will do what I can to kick this habit!

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