Profile of a First Grader

Crazy about cats and dogs and boys (just a bit,) she is endlessly enthusiastic when she loves something… equally emphatic when she does not. Tags must be cut from clothing. Bedtime must include at least three hugs after her last chapter is done… chapters… at six! And each day must feature a craft.

She’s a girl of contrast, preferring sweatpants on 80 degree days and tank tops when it is 50; begging for time to write and have tea with mom one minute and frolicking like a pony with her sister the next (all pants have thin knees); and believing to her core that the tooth fairy left foot prints in purple ink on a small sheet of paper by her window but disavowing the slightest possibility of h-e-double-hockey-sticks or the big G when the universe and all of nature are miracle enough.

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