The dreaded months of hibernation are just ahead, and we’re taking every advantage of this lovely weather.

Weather. A dull topic of conversation, I know. But  the ease of spending your days with young children is largely dependent on the weather.

Most days since late April we have been OUT nearly all day. Stomping in puddles or playing in sand or wandering in the neighborhood.

Stylish, sweet, and active before 8 am

OUT means I’m not distracted by the tech that seems to have multiplied at my fingertips over the last year. OUT means Mount Laundry can lurk in its own solitude and the Kitchen Beast can bide its time while we grill and (gasp) occasionally indulge in paper plates.

OUT means monster tag and nature treasures, frolicking with the neighbors and discovering new paths in well-loved parks.

Willow tree pinata – fun with sticks

Hibernation, we’ll all soon rediscover, means getting OUT takes 20 minutes or more as everyone needs help finding and donning thermal gear… taking it off to use the restroom… and finally putting it back on again. The young ones can’t quite walk in the deep snow. The youngest can’t even go OUT through most of January and February when ten degrees above is a heat wave.

Sand pyramids, leaf beds, happy girl

Like the squirrels, I’m stashing away goodies for our coming days IN. Tucking away crafts and science projects and sewing ideas and recipes. Today, we were OUT again until the rain fell… trudging IN reluctantly.

Toes in the sand – first time!

 And in the meantime, we’re lost in the park. We nearly didn’t make it home for dinner last night, the leaves and trails and weather were so alluring.

More toad houses – her fall project

One thought on “Out

  1. Wonderful post! You are an anthropologist, I completely agree. My eldest will be around tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to see her, as well as the interaction between the siblings. It's a life-long observation, one most pleasing!

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