Afternoon Slumber Party

Giving Maya free reign over this first free day of our long weekend was an excellent idea. She has lead us all in games of monster tag, a backyard percussion concert featuring sticks and every surface imaginable, a creative Halloween craft… and now, an afternoon slumber party.

First up, a bath. Next it’s robes, curlers, and a movie. Soon we’ll do our nails and then…

Conduct internet research to learn more about the nocturnal habits of bats and find a way to help Elle in her ongoing effort to make wings that really fly (yesterday’s building materials proved ineffective – two plastic serving trays, tissue paper feathers, and some tape).

So it isn’t a completely typical slumber party, but we’re having a great time.

Reunion. Two sisters. No schedule. Limitless.

Happy baby entertained by sister’s antics.

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