If you ever find yourself gaping at prices for the Children’s Theater, let me assure you that it’s worth every penny. Mercy Watson to the Rescue brought our entire family to full belly laughs, including four-month-old Max who giggled at the antics more than the story.

The girls have been laughing at the ridiculous adventures of Mercy Watson and her quest for hot, buttered toast since Elle was barely two. We’ve read them so many times, all three of us can recite them by heart. When Elle was two, she insisted on telling us the stories, rather than waiting for us to read. At the show, she murmured lines right along with the characters (thankfully, this is allowed at a children’s show).

The adaptation was wonderful, weaving in aspects of all six books. Though we missed Officer Tomilello, he was there in spirit as Francine Poulet endlessly asked and answered her own questions. We’ve seen the actor (Reed Sigmund) who played Francine in other productions and he invariably steels the show.

Watching our favorite books come to life with the energy of live production and the professional, outstanding quality of the Children’s Theater was well worth the ticket price. We’re already picking out our next production (not an easy choice).

Picture taken from the Star Tribune:

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