Inch by Inch

I’m not sure why, but I actually ticked a project off my “Do Someday” list while Little Miss languished on my couch yesterday and Mister Maxter wiggled after toys on his blanket.

It’s a homemade growth chart for the kids, since we painted over the marks in the girls’ room. I still need to add felt marks for their height and track down a dowel to hang it.

It definitely looks homemade.I should probably claim that Maya made it!

Yet, in spite of the fact that by 32 I should be a professional something,  I’m oddly proud of the small strides I make each day, inch by inch becoming a better cook, psychological coach for the kids, gardener, builder of engaged citizens (as we work on Doing Good Together), and seamstress – at least on this one day. And dare I hope, a better writer. Inch by inch.

Whenever our family doctor checks the kids’ growth, she is quick to remind me that their comparison to average (the percentile) is not at all important. The important thing is their comparison to where they were a year a go. Their starting point compared to how far they have come.

This holds true for all of us. We are becoming something more, inch by inch. On those days when my irksome, non-professional status makes me blind to the wonderful way I’ve spent my days these past few years, I can look back to the beginning of this at-home journey and see just how far each inch has taken me. Change nothing… Everything Changes...

3 thoughts on “Inch by Inch

  1. Don't ever let the fact that you don't have a professional title bother you. Mother is professional enough and I would give anything to be at home doing projects like this!

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