Everest… I Mean Nano

This year, meeting the word count for National Novel Writing Month seems like an impossible goal. Three kids, one a baby, volatile sleep patterns, an unwavering sense of falling behind on most regular tasks.

And yet…

I’ve written more these last two months than all of last spring combined. I’ve picked up a once abandoned partial manuscript and have a (mostly workable) outline for a (much-needed) rewrite. Mr. Max seems amenable to the idea of sleeping in his stroller in the coffee shop while Elle is in preschool; add that to a bit of evening and Saturday morning dedication and I’ll have more time this year than I did last year!

I think I just might make it. At least I intend to try. So Inklings will be quiet or at least very brief for the next month as I channel words elsewhere.

Now if I could just pin down the title….

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