Four Months

I’ve said it before. Nothing is sweeter than a four month old. Young enough to be cuddly and rockable, old enough to giggle and play a bit. Little enough to marvel over every movement but sturdy enough to weather big-sisters’ enthusiasm.

MaxiDaxi (Elle’s latest pet name for her favorite little buddy) is a solid, happy, four-month-old sweetheart. He coos, he sings, and he rolls over when he’s properly motivated.

As you can imagine, he has two little girls (plus his parents) who are eager to bring him whatever toy he gazes at longingly. It’s rare that he has to chase down something. But when left to his own devices, Max will sound his battle cry, part baby howl and part guttural laugh, then he’ll thrust his legs up in the air, do a rather impressive crunch, and lunge to his side.

In this way, he can very nearly get from his back to his front. He flips front to back only if he’s left too long on tummy time and needs to tell us that he is d.o.n.e.

His latest round of vaccines were tough on him. But thanks to his swing, the moby wrap, and my left-bicep-of-steal we got him through the worst of it. 

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