Making Magic

I love this season of endless end-of-the-year celebration. For a month now, we’ve been gathering with loved ones for celebrations great and small. The luxury of extended weekends with loved ones is a welcome compensation for not living near enough to see everyone at once, though after this weekend I may never clean my house again!

Mum, mums…. a first solid!

We’ve been baking up a storm, from chocolate banana bread to Grandma Alice’s candy bar cookies, sharing some and squirreling away others for celebrations to come.

Elle spent all morning making witches brew… gotta love baking soda and vinnegar

We’ve spent time around the piano singing carols, around the television watching holiday movies, and strapped in the car ogling light displays.

These dark winter days lend themselves to hours in the kitchen doing puzzles and playing board games. Every casserole, every left-over-turkey-soup-with-dumplings, and every Brinner tends to be the most delicious and most comforting meal in family memory.

Mr. Tambourine Man

These days, it is easy to feel generous and magnanimous and graciously accepting of everyday aggravations. I’m tempted to resolve to maintain this productive contentment for the rest of the year, though a lot of resolutions are competing for my focus lately.

Before the warm up that melted our snow and left us with a brown Christmas… the girls skated with Maya’s girl scout troupe.

Caroling…. we love it!

Let it be enough for this month to focus on gathering with and nurturing our loved ones, with food, good conversation, and, yes, gifts. It is a beloved indulgence!

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