It Starts

Resolutions have been made, over at Doing Good Together. The vacation is over. Today, after a truly indulgent, old-fashioned holiday break, we’re all back in the routine.

Sure, sure. Routine is a good thing, keeping us moving and giving structure to our day.

Oh, but who doesn’t love a week to revel in new Wii games, watch movies, and play board games with the family? This was a break to remember. Joe saved a few vacation days all year, just so we could have this time together – what a guy!

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. Poor little Max was hard at work popping in new teeth. His first official tooth cut through sometime between 3 and 7 pm on New Year’s Eve, no joke! Number two will be in by nightfall, I think. Hopefully that will put an end to his sniffles, fevers, and general unrest.

For Maya, the days off meant a  wealth of free time. She spent it playing adventure games on the Wii, reading the original Wizard of Oz on my Nook, and doing approximately 25 million hand stands.

Elliot was just glad to have her sister home. She convinced Maya to give her an impressive number of horsey back rides. Sisters are great.

How did the time slip by for the adults? There was coffee and pjs all morning. I vaguely remember a few dance parties dissolving into dog piles. We cheered on Max while he learned to push himself up onto all fours. Occasionally the kids gave us a turn on the Wii.

And we recharged for 2012. No year has gotten a better start!

One thought on “It Starts

  1. What a lovely way to end one year and being another; so glad Max's first teeth are nearly in, whew! Maya and Elliot are just brimming with girlhood thrills; my girls read those same Wizard of Oz books, hee hee…

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