One wonderful by-product of my poor play-date scheduling skills is a pair of sisters that love to play together. After three days of playing, I only tallied a handful of “Maaa-maaa, she just (took my toy, broke my fort, or clobbered me with a giant bouncy ball).”

The rest of the time, they were playing doll school, adventure Wii (in teamwork mode), some national geographic inspired panther hunting game, and fort-building on a scale too extensive to photograph.

Lucky for Max, though a bit bittersweet for me, they’ve gotten to the stage where I’m really not invited into their games anymore. When it’s just me and Elliot home, I’m called upon to play a lead role in her Jack & Annie adventures or unicorn-princess-fairy dollhouse stories. When Maya is home too, they shoo me out of the room – or more likely, send me to get snacks.

The result is a happy house full of play and a mom with a few extra moments to write or rock-a-bye.

Max as student, Elle as teacher…. Maya was the art specialist

Two peas in a pod for reading time

and as always, dance party. Maya doesn’t hold still long enough for a photo!

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