A quiet mind in the face of three squirrelly kids, two delightful kittens (did I mention that lovely old Ruphis proved to terrified of our kids to stay here….. more on that, and his replacements later), and a paid writing/planning gig that is gaining momentum….. well, a quiet mind isn’t something I’ve mastered. But I’m working on it.

The longer the to-do list, the more difficult it is to keep from looping it through my thoughts, puzzling out how it all might get done. My goal is the exact opposite – present moment awareness, focus, and intention. When I’m with the kids, I want to be 100 percent with them. When I’m working on a different project, I want my focus to be there. Multitasking? It turns out – according to ever-more research – the human brain doesn’t really work that way…. and Pinterest? Sheesh, I need to block that site!

My old Change  Nothing, Everything Changes mantra has been overthrown.

Present moment…. only moment.


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