Uncomplicated Little Bear

Big surprise; he won’t say “Mama” on command. It does happen. I swear. And anyway, he’s a cute little bear even when he’s just watching me be silly.

Shhh. Don’t tell the old me, that terrified new mother that read every book and was determined to do everything right, but this baby stuff is so uncomplicated.

Not easy. No, he was up from 2 to 4 last night just wiggling, cooing, and being happily, annoyingly awake.

He is gloriously uncomplicated.

This can only be true in contrast to older siblings. Maybe that is why the last baby seems so mellow to almost every parent. In the face of a first grader’s playground woes (“I don’t know if I’m the leader of the club…. but the club won’t let so-and-so in”… What?) and a preschooler’s growing demands for independence (no Little Miss, you can’t wear tights and a t-shirt to the grocery store!), what to serve baby for dinner barely gets a second thought.

That’s what makes being in a family work, I think. Let’s hope our cycles of complicated craziness don’t link up. As long as a couple of us are in an uncomplicated place at any given time, we’ll be just fine.

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