Life Lessons from our Beach Vacation

Sand ballerinas don’t last long, but four-year-old’s don’t mind starting over.

Our small-shelled friends (cocquinas) are happier (and smell better) on the shore than in our beach house.

One week of glorious sunsets plus two worn out girls plus gentle waves equals the best bedtime routine in history.

Even the youngest beach goer can appreciate a sunset.
Max cannot be contained. This little set up worked for one afternoon. From then on, he was perched in the sand and surf with the rest of us, happily trying to sample sand and surf (though we got pretty good at distracting him).
Digging a hole can take all day, even if you’re not a puppy.


Sand and sun wear a baby out… and surf lulls him to sleep.

The first-day excitement never faded.

This girl is a mermaid with such determination to keep up with her big sister, a mouthful of salt water couldn’t slow her down.

And this one, she’s a dolphin, all splash and play and enthusiasm.

Free style wave dancing is endlessly entertaining and endearing.

Don’t let dad pick the line for the roller coaster then dash off.
Tall four-year-olds are allowed on this ride no matter how nervous it makes mom.
Busch Gardens is surprisingly… no shockingly fun with two girls and a baby. The perfect combination of zoo + easy kid rides + theme park novelty!

4 thoughts on “Life Lessons from our Beach Vacation

  1. The realization “the first-day excitement never faded.” is a sure thing. First days, most of the time, are the best days of a vacation. It gives you a new place to enjoy and a new environment to appreciate. Cheers to your vacation, Sarah! 🙂

    [Nadine Shepard]

  2. Your kids really enjoyed the sand and the waves. =D The photo where your son, Max, is sleeping soundly is adorable! Seeing the wonderful view and how much your family enjoys being at the beach are splendid moments that will last a long time.

    Donna Parsley

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