“Okay Maya, I’m ready to wait for the bus.”

 A lot is said about middle children. Most of it is not so good, though a recent book seems to acknowledge The Secret Power of Middle Children. Watching Little Miss with her siblings, though I haven’t read the book, I can see that secret power at work. She is her sister’s shadow, best friend, and student. She is her brother’s teacher, guardian, and entertainer. In the same day, in the same hour, she is my big-hearted helper or my wildly determined planner-of-devious-things.

I take special care not to over look her in the way that middle children are said to be overlooked.

She does not make this easy. She is content playing on her own for a shocking amount of time. Even when she wants my company, she rarely stays in place long enough for me to lead her in an activity. No, she’s too busy discovering which new green thing the chickens like to eat best…. and then robbing that gardenia of her flower petals.

Her preschool teacher tells us that she is a gentler leader at school, bypassing alphabet and simple math games that she has outgrown in favor of planning class-wide imagination games. She gathers her minions, assigns everyone a role, and commences play, allowing anyone to join or deviate from the plan even as she keeps it moving forward. I so wish I could see that in action!

I thoroughly enjoy discovering what direction her secret powers take her in every day.

“But Max wanted to be where someone loved him best of all, just like you, right Max?”

One thought on “Middles

  1. Wow, this is a beautiful post about a fantastic girl. That picture with Max; a treasure for the ages!

    I've watch my own middle son go between two very different sisters with a constancy and kindness that amazes. Little Miss seems quite pleased for her place; how much of that is the love and strength she receives from Mum and Dad… :))) And Big Sis and Max too!

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