Under Constructions

We all seem to be a bit under construction these days. I’ve read before that child development goes in phases of equilibrium followed by chaotic, somewhat emotional periods of growth. We all seem to be entering that crazy stage at the same time, after several long, peaceful months of equalibrium.

I can tell, because I’m picking up parenting books again, searching for new ideas to help smooth baffling or odd behavioral patterns.

Another obvious signal is the pantry. It’s empty. Always. Both girls are eating their weight in trail mix and apples between meals, which they seem to approach as feasts. Even when I resolutely offer them only apples or carrots (rather than the begged-for dessert or crackers), they chomp their fruits and veggies like young horses.

Their little brother is growing rapidly too, of course. He has just discovered the heady thrill of fast-paced crawling, cruising around furniture, and even, when inspired by his feline siblings, a precariously balanced free-stand. We love to count the seconds as he wavers (catching hands at the ready) while he tries to decide how best to get to Monkey. A step? Or drop down to crawl? The kitty is long gone before Max’s quads finally give out and he flops to his rump.

These milestones have created a renaissance of my “where’s the baby” moments, though none so appalling as the time I lost baby Elliot.

Between spring garden planning, fort constructions at the park, and the messy work of building little people, our life definitely has that “under construction” feel!

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