Mama – Master of the Universe

I won’t lie to you. This mama is in the thick of some full days. It’s hard to be mindful of everyday joys when you’re rushing to wring out every last ounce of productivity from a tired body.

All it takes is a few moments of quiet to shine a light on the beauty in this tumbling mess of a perfectly typical Midwestern suburban life.

I just read that line from Gatsby where Fitzgerald’s narrator refers to “one of the great cities in the Middle West” as having once felt like the very heart of home and now [since his character has seen bigger and better things] seems more like the frayed edge of the universe.

We may not all be looking at the camera, but this is my favorite from this morning’s photoshoot.

These days, our little place in this great Middle West city feels like the very heart of the sun. In fact, many days I have this odd sense of myself as that burning, life-giving heart of our galaxy. I am the sun pulling all of my various planetary bodies along in their orbits with the sheer force of my will, and occasionally an ice cream treat.

Some days it does feel like an astronomical force of gravity to get my little beings headed in the right direction, or any direction, and after them the various other orbits of the rest of our hopes, plans, and obligations.
I mean this not as a whine but as, gulp, a small bit of boasting.

At the end of the day, the amount I’ve accomplished (though most tasks barely have a title much less an end result) fills me with a sense of strength and satisfaction. This is true even on the days when my main accomplishments include getting a small person with erupting teeth to sleep long enough to heal and writing maybe one worthwhile paragraph toward my deadline.

And I am not at all remarkable.

This is motherhood. It is a solar feat.

I see the solar effect in all of the wonderful mothers I know. My friends and I are all supported by loving, wonderful partners, but the force that propels all the varying aspects of daily life through to conclusion, an effort that can only be described as Herculean, invariably has mother at its source.

 None of us is perfect. We’re all too hard on ourselves for the errors we make along the way. But for this one (admittedly over-Hallmarked) day, we deserve a moment to marvel at the universe of our creation, at the physical, emotional, creative, and mental energies that we expend everyday in our efforts to create a good life for our small galaxy of beings.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all. Enjoy this day of rest!

One thought on “Mama – Master of the Universe

  1. You have every right for that bit of boasting; motherhood is an amazing occupation, life-long and so rewarding. But not easy…

    Lovely shot of you and the kids; what a beautiful family you and Joe are making!

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