Lately, I’ve caught myself marveling at the momentum of our days. It’s all I can do to keep up!

This isn’t a bad thing at all. Suddenly, at almost 7 and peering over the hill at 5, my daughters can entertain themselves quite a lot.

Assuming that they are well-rested, well-fed, and fairly healthy (allergies not included), they come up with all kinds of hilarious way to entertain themselves.

Like this morning, when they were trying to walk a “high wire” (actually, an old, corded phone we found in the emergency box) between their two twin beds. Luke Dunfey, anyone?

What could be better than that? More often than not, I catch Maya teaching her little sister a game or activity or method of play that I used to do with her.

This was Saturday. The whole day. Pool play for all three kids, while Joe and I tinkered, gardened, picnicked with them and staged water fights. The grand finale was dinner over the campfire. Saturday. Otherwise known as the perfect day!

It feels like all of the good things I set in motion when Maya was very little (Elle was just months old) set the tone for our family life. Today, we just follow along in that path I carved using a million helpful ideas from other moms and activity books found at garage sales.

When Maya isn’t home, I do snag the odd book from the shelf and get inspiration for Wizard’s Potions or self-drying pinch pots or some other new curiosity. But either I’m better at following the kids’ lead or they have been told “why don’t you try” often enough that their creative wheels start whirring as soon as their little feet hit the floor.

Did I mention he can stand all on his own. He walks with just the smallest grip on your pinky finger. He’s cautious, but ready. Any day now, he’ll be brave enough to launch out on his own!

And in case you are wondering, that’s about 6 am most days. Still. By the time they sleep in, I won’t remember how!

As I gather fresh ideas for summer fun, I’m watching for projects that the kids can recreate on their own, riff on, and otherwise reinvent in ways that will surely astound and possibly defy gravity (I’d also better gather a few extra bandages).

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