Chicken Chasing

We found a wonderful new game to play. It involves the strawberry patch, the chicken ladies, and Mr. Max. 
It’s actually not so much a game, as an introduction. Mr. Max, meet your chicken ladies. These five lovely hens share your backyard, provide all the eggs your family can eat, and like to take dust baths beneath your yellow slide. 

 Ladies, Mr. Max shares your love of the strawberry patch, will fight you for a bite, and just might snag a feather or two if you let him get too close.

 Turns out, they were able to share their strawberries. We’ve been picking them by the bucket load, so there was plenty for everyone. Especially when Max prefers them ripe, juicy, and bug free while the chickens prefer the buggy ones and all of the greenery.

The introduction went so well, in fact, that Max stood up all on his own to follow his flock. He took a lot of first steps last week, many after the recital on Friday when his cheering section included a lot of out-of-towners.

This time, he practically ran after Zebra. Luckily she snagged her strawberry top and fled before she lost a tail feather.

After a rather stressful (and ailing) week, and a LOT of discussion about hobby farms, long commutes, and goat kids, this moment was a tonic. It is exactly why we are here on this little patch of an urban farmyard.

May our hearts rest easy tonight as we want exactly what we have.

6 thoughts on “Chicken Chasing

  1. To have known what I wanted at your age. I figured out a little later in life that I am a farmer in a city girl's body.

    I too had Chickens just a few months ago and before that last year and the year before. I am into Easter egger chickens. My favorites are Americaunas. They are a very friendly breed, in my opinion, but I think a lot of it just depends on how much the chickens are handled.

    I hope we do get a chance to meet some day as we seem to have some things in common and I promise I am nice to small children contrary to anything my blog may sound like. LOL

    Oh, by the by, I LOVE today's blog. Blogs always seem to be cooler when they have pictures.

    Write on!

  2. I just noticed the people you have over to the side of your blog. How did you do that? I want to do that.

    Yes, I know if I would just struggle through all the directions I would find it myself. 😛

  3. “May our hearts rest easy tonight as we want exactly what we have.”

    That is a really beautiful meditation! (Good thing for the preview button since 'medication' wouldn't have sounded exactly right!)

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