Sweet Nothings

The quotes pictured above, with the obvious errors corrected, say “You can juggle basket balls” and “You are smart.” They were written, of course, by Miss Second Grader (can’t believe I had to upgrade that!).

These were her “sweet nothings” to her father. You know, as in “whisper sweet nothings.” They are little compliments meant to make him smile. She gave her father a whole jar of them on Father’s Day this year.

Father’s Day somehow caught us by surprise, but thanks to my new-found Pinterest addiction, I had a little act of kindness already queued up.

I thought I’d share my efforts here, humble though they are. You might also enjoy “52 Things I Love About You” from Visual Heart or “365 Things We Love About You” from The Princess and the Tot.  That is where my inspiration came from, and they deserve extra credit for cute craftiness. As I’ve said before, I’m not all that good at cute craftiness. Case in point: the photograph below. That’s the Sweet Nothings without their fabric lid.

The gift was, predictably, very well-received, and I’ve already heard him chuckle to himself, reading high praise about his musical selections for family dance parties.

This gift, more than anything from a store, let him know that we see him, we appreciate his many talents and contributions, and we love the unique person that he is. That is a message of kindness that anyone would appreciate!

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