Gratitude: Community Heroes

In another life, I was a fire fighter when I grew up.

Of course, that would work a little better if I wasn’t a 5 foot tall woman, but as a feminist, I know such boundaries wouldn’t keep me back.

My general fear of danger probably would… but that is neither here nor there.

Yesterday we toured the New Brighton Fire Department (as it turns out, anyone can schedule a tour!) We also had a “fire” snack, and learned a lot about in-home fire safety on

I was just as excited as the kids to check out all of the equipment, hear the answers to  Maya’s numerous questions, and meet many members of the department as we went through.

Of course, a lot of them remembered our little snafu from last February.

Maya prepared a few questions ahead of time. My favorite was when she asked, right away, if they ever get scared when responding to calls.

The answer was perfect. We can’t help but be a little afraid before entering a burning building, but our training gets us through that fear and helps do the job.

For a girl that tends to worry, rather excessively, the advice to practice through fear is exactly what she needed to hear.

New Brighton’s outstanding fire marshal

fire snack

One thought on “Gratitude: Community Heroes

  1. Glad to hear you guys had a good time. Talking about fire fighters and meeting them takes me way, way, wayyyyyyyyyyyy back to when I was about five and got to meet Smoky the Bear. He told me that only I could prevent forest fires. But then he told it to everyone in our class. Still, it stuck in my little girl brain.

    Take care and have a wonderful rest of your day and a great tomorrow.

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