Teach a man to fish….

If teaching a man to fish means he eats for a lifetime, what will come from teaching a child the art of endless curiosity and wonder?

Both girls are such fun this summer. The are endlessly discovering “treasures,” both the living variety that then require elaborate habitats (and lefts safely outside) and the inert gem that can be squirreled away.

Our butterfly house has hosted moths, dragon flies, butterflies (of course), a tree frog, and a salamander in the last few weeks.

The jewelry boxes at the head of each girl’s bed are full of lacy leaf skeletons, acorns, shiny rocks, shells, and who knows what else.

Maya tenderly cradled a black speck in her palm during a walk today, staring at it thoughtfully. “Mom, what’s that science word that means guess?”


“Right, my hypothesis is, this was a shell from a bug, you know a beetle or something. And my reasoning is that I found it on a tree, and lots of bugs and beetles live on trees.”

She nearly teared up when a strong gust blew the husk away.

What fun it is to see the world anew everyday with them.

One thought on “Teach a man to fish….

  1. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being that young and care free. But I have experienced so much and have such fond memories that I will be happy to stay where and when I am at too.

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