All Summer in a Weekend

This has been an odd summer. There have been too many sick days (I’d estimate 50 percent of the summer one of us has been on the couch…. I’d also estimate that is 80 percent higher than our school-year sickness rate. Unacceptable!).

As August races on, we’re manically trying to beat the clock, fitting in all of our summer favorites before the constricted schedules of real life press in on us.

Last weekend was awfully full. The Minnesota Zoo, with its cool dinosaur exhibit, kept everyone full of smiles on Saturday.

Well almost. Max was a little concerned about the dinosaurs.

Then Saturday night our neighbors turned their backyard into a drive in, well no, a walk in movie theater. All previous late night bedtimes were blown out of the water for an incredibly memorable night with friends.

Sunday? We ticked backyard to-do’s off the list while Elle built more of her fairy houses, Maya climbed our trees, and Max picked & ate strawberries until he turned red.

This week, we’re on to National Night Out, the parade (possibly two), and two possible festivals this weekend. In the mean time, we’ve made scarecrows to defend the grapes, made some crazy crayon art, set off paint bombs in the driveway, installed a new garden, and did tested out some ideas for the latest Doing Good Together resources.

A laundry list, I know. But somewhere, I wanted to get all of this down. There is reason my kitchen counter is cluttered right now, a reason the clean, folded laundry isn’t always put away the same day. We’re in the throes of a wonderful summer dervish, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One thought on “All Summer in a Weekend

  1. It's called having kids and being an outstanding Mother. What is more important??? Clutter and unputaway laundry or raising outstanding children?

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